The Horse’s Ha

The Horse's Ha is the voice and guitar duo of Janet Bean of Freakwater and Eleventh Dream Day and James Elkington, guitarist or drummer for various bands, including Brokeback, Daughn Gibson, and Jon Langford's Skull Orchard.

Waterdrawn, The Horse's Ha's second album, is a stripped-down record built on the foundation of Bean's country-tinged voice and Elkington's folk-inspired guitar playing with a minimum of ornamentation. Drawing strength and influence from Shirley Collins' and Davy Graham's genre-defining album, New Routes, Folk Routes, and Donovan's early endeavors, Waterdrawn features a collection of songs about the sea and dreams of escape that harkens back to the British folk boom without replicating it and points the group in a new direction.

Find their Facebook page here or listen to Horse's Ha on Fluff and Gravy's Soundcloud.

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