March 2013

Drunken Prayer in No Depression

“Why Morgan Geer opted to use the moniker Drunken Prayer as his operating MO isn’t exactly clear, although his rambling, off-kilter exposition gives the impression he may be a bit tipsy at times. Into the Missionfield, Geer’s second album using the Drunken Prayer guise, sometimes sounds a bit schizophrenic, suddenly switching as it does from the awkward ramble that opens the album, “Brazil,” to the straight-on
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Fluff and Gravy SxSW Artist Schedule

Wednesday 3/13/13 Nick Jaina – The Grackle (3:30 & 4:30 shows) Thursday 3/14/13 Jack Wilson – Rebel’s Honky Tonk (Official SxSW Showcase! 8pm) Friday 3/15/13 Nick Jaina – 4803 Prock Lane (9:30pm) Saturday 3/16/13 Nick Jaina – Whip In (7pm) Jack Wilson – Unofficial SXSW RECHARGE on 307 East 2nd St (7pm)
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Fluff and Gravy are official sponsors of this year’s Wildwood Music Fest.

Fluff and Gravy are returning to the incredible Wildwood Music Fest for it’s second year, this time as official sponsors. Keep an eye out for our booth, our photography crew, and our Sassparilla. (here’s a video of last year’s fest which includes an interview with Kevin from Sassparilla)
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