June 2014

FREE Anna Tivel track, Gentle War

As we prepare for Anna Tivel’s June 17 release, Before Machines, please help us to celebrate by downloading “Gentle War”. Featuring Sam Howard on bass, Taylor Kingman on guitar, David Strackany on drums, and Jeffrey Martin on backup vocals, it is one of the standout tracks on the record. The track is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD until the official record release on June 17.
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Sassparilla’s Pasajero/Hullabaloo streaming at Consequence of Sound

Sassparilla is set to release their double cd, Pasajero/Hullabaloo, on June 17, but you can hear it, streaming in it’s entirety right now, at Consequence of Sound! Pasajero was recorded in the Portland studio of Eels’ own Chet Lyster. Here, Blackwell says he attempted to “put a pulp novel to music,” adding “I didn’t want to force-feed the plot to people. I wanted them to make up their own story based on their i
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