February 2017

Son of the Velvet Rat releases Dorado

After years of finding inspiration in the California desert, Son of the Velvet Rat (SotVR) chose in 2013 to leave behind their impressive band history in Austria, and make their home in Joshua Tree. Today, the band celebrates their new home with the release of their sixth album Dorado – a golden treasure of desert-inspired tracks produced by the critically acclaimed songwriter and producer, Joe Henry, with guest voca
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ACLU Benefit – Friday, February 3

Fluff and Gravy Records is just one of more than 150 artists and labels that have joined Bandcamp in donating their profits tomorrow (Feb 3) to the ACLU and other organizations in support of immigrants and refugees. Bandcamp will be donating their proceeds to the ACLU, no matter what you choose to buy, but if you choose to purchase from the Fluff and Gravy Records Page, we will donate an additional 10% (effectively d
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