Drunken Prayer releases new record – The Devil and the Blues


Today’s the big day! Drunken Prayer’s The Devil and The Blues hits the shelves of your favorite record stores and online establishments today.

Here are some excerpts from a few early reviews:

“Wit, romanticism, weirdness: Drunken Prayer hits that sweet spot once again” – Pop Matters

“a slurry of rockin’ back-beat, bluesy licks, filthy slide guitar, and angelic harmonies to boot” – American Standard Time

“Rebellious roots music with pentecostal zeal” – WNCW

“Lead track “Hellraiser” is adrenaline-fueled and takes no prisoners. The drums stomp, guitars gallop and Geer’s stand-and-deliver vocal style verges on violent. Wisps of smoke issue from the speakers — and there are still 11 tracks to go.” – Mountain Express

You can stream the record and purchase it here, or snag it from iTunes if that’s your bag.