Drunken Prayer Releases Video for “Hunt Me Down”

Fluff and Gravy Records and Drunken Prayer are proud to give to you, the first video from House of Morgan, “Hunt Me Down”.  The video is an accurate reflection of the dark comedy that is House of Morgan. According to Drunken Prayer mastermind, Morgan Geer, the creative process was much the same too. “I did it myself using whatever materials were at hand, mostly found and forgotten, and worked within my own ignorant limitations to create something very close to something original”.
The video and the album it comes from have been described as “an unintentional homage to Captain Beefheart”.

House of Morgan, the Nov 2013 release (Fluff and Gravy) finds Geer taking things into his own hands. While the critically acclaimed Into the Missionfield was a densely layered studio undertaking, House of Morgan, was self-recorded using a Tascam cassette machine, a Radio Shack condenser mic, and Garage Band with nearly all of the instruments played by Geer in his bedroom. The resultant tracks are striking in their raw and naked beauty. From an enchanting cover of the old Depression era, “On Mobile Bay”, to screaming punk/blues rants like “KEF-666” and “Ultrabad”, the musical themes are widely varied.

While there are three different versions of previously released tracks here, House of Morgan is far from a sentimental stroll through the Drunken Prayer back catalog. These tracks offer a window into the mind of Morgan Geer, and the view that it affords is at once unsettling and comfortable. Though the record is sometimes a sharp contrast to previous efforts, this is undoubtedly a Drunken Prayer record. Geer’s trademark vocals, guitar, and wit are the threads that tie these divergent records together.