Drunken Prayer releases video for “On Mobile Bay”

Morgan Christopher Geer, the braintrust behind Asheville/Portland based Drunken Prayer, is on a quest. After recording the recently released House of Morgan (Nov, 2013) largely on his own, he has now taken to creating a series of videos to support the record. In keeping with the spirit of the record, all of these videos are self-produced. What began with the unsettling videos for “Hunt Me Down“, “KEF-666” and “I Saw It With My Own Two Eyes, Again” , changes course with his earnest take on the traditional “On Mobile Bay”.  It’s one of the few straightforward tracks on the record, and there is good reason for that. Says Geer, “My grandfather used to sing me to sleep with this song when I was a little guy. He lived on Mobile Bay, at Mullet Point; those are some of my happiest memories. I found out later the song has some pretty objectionable lyrics, but he thankfully never sang those to me”. The video was shot in Fairhope, Alabama, on the shore of Mobile Bay, and is presented here for your enjoyment.