Mike Coykendall releases “Hard Landing” official video

On July 17, Mike Coykendall released his latest record, Half Past, Present Pending via Fluff and Gravy Records. American Standard Time calls it “a slice of seriously fuzzy, spaced-out folk music”, which seems a pretty accurate description. Today, we are happy to present the first video from the record, for the ballad “Hard Landing”.

The video was produced by Coykendall and long-time friend (and fellow Portland musician), Charlie Maxton.  The song itself is one of deep personal reflection.  “If you’re lucky, you can procrastinate dealing with certain issues for quite some time,”  says Coykendall. “Youth moreso than middle age. Then, if you’re really lucky, you live long enough that you gotta deal and it’s scary. It’s also liberating and empowering.”

 The video is dedicated to or “The lucky ones who got to spend a little extra time at the county fair. The ride isn’t over till the big carnie kicks you off.”