Nick Jaina release new 7″ single – “Sea of Japan” b/w “Delta of Venus”

Sea of Japan”  is the first new material from Nick Jaina since 2013’s Primary Perception. The single, and it’s b-side, “Delta of Venus” were recorded during the same time period, and they would feel right at home on the album.

Nick-Jaina-Sea-of-Japan-cover“Sea of Japan” was inspired by a hypothesis regarding the Heikegani crab and fisherman in the Sea of Japan who may have been unwittingly responsible for a selective evolution in the development of the species. The theory, as presented by Julian Huxley and propagated by Carl Sagan, suggests that any time a crab was caught whose face resembled a Samurai Warrior, the fisherman would throw it back. Eventually, the crabs would have (artificially) selected for the trait, which would come to define the species. Nick Jaina takes the artistic liberty of connecting this to a school trip to the Sea of Japan at age 12 when he was stung by a jellyfish.

“Delta of Venus” was a $500 commission for a friend who was trying to win back a lost love, which Nick chose to set at a cafe in Davis, CA, where they lived. When the friend was visiting Portland with the girl, he called Nick and asked if he would stand nonchalantly in the doorway of Mississippi Records and “spontaneously” play the song as they walked past.  He did, and they listened. The awkward silence that followed was nearly unbearable. In the end, the friend didn’t get the girl back. No word on whether he considered this to be a good investment.

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