Catherine Feeny and Chris Johnedis – the Harm ep


“Harm” is the first single off of the April, 2015 self-titled full-length offering from Catherine Feeny and Chris Johnedis.  Producers Rogers and Gomberg and mixer Tony Lash (Elliot Smith, Feist) leverage Feeny’s quietly arresting vocals and classic pop songwriting against Johnedis’ R&B inflected polyryhthms, masterfully maximizing the minimal instrumentation of solely ukulele, voice, guitar and drums.

This ep includes 3 “b-sides” including a live version of “I Don’t Know If I Am” which are all non-album tracks.

Additional musicians on “I Don’t Know If I Am (live)” are: Samantha Kushnick (cello), Shannon Steele (violin), and Amanda Lawrence (viola). Strings arranged by Kevin Jackson

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