The Harmed Brothers – A Lovely Conversation


The EP, A Lovely Conversation, is somewhat of a new beginning for The Harmed Brothers. The EP features the single, “A Lovely Conversation”, along with 6 b-sides. Produced by John Shepski, the tried and true acoustic instrumentation that are the heart and soul of The Harmed Brothers remain, but they now form a bed for textures and layers that represent a turning point for the band. Nowhere is this more evident than the unshakeable single, “A Lovely Conversation”, with it’s layers of electric guitars, synths and keyboards. The EP also includes fresh arrangements for a trio of songs that first appeared on 2010’s All The Lies You Want To Hear (now out of print). Strings now soar in “When I Get Back” which features The Calamity Cubes as guest vocalists, horns swell in “Here Comes The Cadillac” and chimey electric guitars give new life to “One In The Garden”. It’s a hint of things to come for a band that began in 2009 as a guitar and banjo duo, and now barrels toward an inspired and undeniable future.

“A Lovely Conversation” will be featured on the upcoming Feb 2016 self-titled full-length release.

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