The Parson Red Heads – Blurred Harmony


The Parson Red Heads’ 4th full length record, Blurred Harmony, is a 44-minute distillation of everything the band has musically cultivated, internalized, and learned over their past 13 years writing and playing together. From the pedal steel soaked cosmic jangle of album opener “Please Come Save Me”, the Paisley Underground riff-driven “Coming Down”, the ambient, harmony-bathed ballad “What Have I Become”, all the way to the four-part power-pop suite that closes the record, Blurred Harmony could be looked at as an aural-primer of the band’s various musical loves and influences, projected through the lens of the band’s trademark sound.

Blurred Harmony is available on LP, CD, mp3 or FLAC, and limited edition clear” vinyl with purple swirls. The limited edition version will be limited to 115 copies, and hand-numbered.


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Limited Edition LP, LP, cd, mp3, FLAC